12 good sex resolutions to enliven 2022

Who says new year, states good resolutions. The first one? Discover the excitement of the very first days and reboost your sex life.

With time goes, whatever goes? In a relationship for several years, your first love feelings may seem far. Desire or excitement may run out of steam.

If the routine has actually settled permanently in your relationship, remember that daily life reinforces love. But the exchange with your partners remains important. And a year that begins with its share of good resolutions can be a great time to improve your sex life.


68% of French individuals remain satisfied with their sex life. Nevertheless, ladies and men have a strong requirement for renewal, adventures, and dangers to keep their desire.

Interaction is the cement of the couple. Without falling into extravagant excesses, try to reverse the functions, to innovate in regards to sexual positions and even to keep in contact with your partner throughout your days. The objective? Develop a psychological connection, enhance your complicity and tighten your intimacy to end up being the actor of the outbreak of your libido.

While specific medications, such as antidepressants and pills for hypertension, can lower desire, lack of libido can likewise be caused by cardiovascular disease or anxiety. It is very important to speak with a medical professional to discover if a health problem is hindering the development of your sex life.

Can a couple last without sex?

Can a couple last without sexHugs and sexual games are unusual while the day-to-day arrangement continues? A more common situation than it appears. Decryption by William Buna, psychologist.

Firstly, the question of the decline in desire in the couple depends on the seniority of the relationship. “A young couple who no longer have sexuality will have more problem handling the circumstance, introduces William Buna, a liberal psychologist. Conversely, partners who have been together for a long time can discover a method to transcend it. couple who no longer have sexuality, one of the 2 can have a concealed relationship elsewhere. Freud mentioned sublimation, to stimulate fulfilled couples without sexuality since they sublimate their relationship through other things such as culture, gardening, indications of affection.”

Prevent disappointment

But the lack of sexuality often corresponds to a downturn or a personal balance. If the 2 lead characters concur with that and live it well, that’s not a problem. On the other hand, if disappointment sets in, it is not tenable and even preferable, describes the psychologist. “After a while the concern is transferred to other locations through reproaches. The problem is deported, it is quite frequent”.

The weight of society

The problem in some cases originates from the outside view. An individual without sexuality can live it well however an implicit expectation is that this is not the case, examines William Buna again. This is what must be gotten rid of. “Learning to discover yourself, without sexuality, can be abundant in teaching about yourself, there need to be no guideline or law in matters of sexuality”.

Speak about it, get help

If talking about it silently within the couple does not work, seeking advice from an expert brings in a third party. “She brings positive things and even if we recognize that it’s no longer possible with the other, it doesn’t matter. It’s a method of progressing.”